Hubbox has taken gluten-free eating to a new level. It is pretty easy to grab a g/f pizza these days and even a burger (yay,  no breadcrumbs) but deep fried chicken? Now you can, if you live near a Hubbox that is. Hubbox is a buzzy, friendly restaurant with lots of options for those dodging the gluten train. Think fries (dirty fries at that), onion rings and fried chicken. Their fried chicken is coated in a gluten-free flour mix, which makes life so much easier. They do g/f wraps rather than buns, which I much prefer as it makes the dish a little lighter. It is a little tricky not to go completely overboard when you arrive but after a few visits, I have learnt to reign myself in as my eyes are generally always bigger than my belly.

The staff here are always friendly, laid back and happy to answer any questions making the whole thing so much easier. There are a few Hubbox’s dotted around although I love my local one in Truro as it is based in an old church so a little different.

I must apologise for the photos as they really don’t do the food justice. Just take my word for it and go grab a table.



Now, if they could just make their nachos gluten free…

Claire x

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