I realise I have blogged previously about Kynance Cove back in my Cornwall blogs a few years ago but if one place deserves more stuff shouted about it it’s this place. I love Kynance Cove. I had a friend visiting from London a couple of weekends ago and while pondering over what sights to show her Kynance was easily top of the list. Kynance is located on the west side of the Lizard peninsula and when you see it you will soon understand why it is a designated Area of Natural Beauty. It takes your breath away. Parking is in a National Trust car park (currently £4 but about to go up to £5 any day if you are not a member) and there are two ways to get down to the beach; one for the less able or for those with buggies.


Perched above the beach is a gorgeous little cafe which has outdoor seating with the most amazing views. Take a pew here and you will feel a million miles away from everything and any stresses you might have I promise won’t stick around. If things couldn’t get any better they always have g/f cake and it is never the normal ones you find. One time I went they had the most amazing apple crumble cake. On this occasion I went for avocado and courgette cake – odd it may seem but it was amazing!! Sat outside chatting away with my friend I felt incredibly lucky to be able to live in such a stunning county where people return time after time for their annual holiday.


If you find yourself in Cornwall make sure Kynance is top of your list.

Claire xx


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