Fig cafe is a lovely space in Lemon Street market and considering it is steps away from where I live I had never investigated what their gluten free offerings if any, might be. An overdue catch up with a friend changed all this last week. We grabbed a seat and I checked out the menu to see if I was going to be able to have anything other than a good old jacket potato. The sandwiches looked awesome and I discovered they had gluten free bread! I am finding out that more and more places are stocking gluten free bread, which is brilliant news. A few years ago it was nigh on impossible to sit and have a gluten free sandwich in cafes. Fig cafe was a beautiful spot to sit and have a catch-up, the space was airy, bright and fresh. The staff were super friendly and the place felt really chilled. I think I have found my local hangout. I didn’t check out if there were any gluten free sweet options but will make it my mission next time.



Awesome cheese, tomato and ham toastie.

Claire x

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