I have lived in Cornwall for almost seven months and have so much to explore. Despite visiting this stunning county countless times since I was a baby there is still so much to see – I have now made a list and am working through it slowly but surely.  My list seems to be growing too, especially when I stumble across bloggers based in Cornwall giving me new ideas. St Nectan’s Glen is one of those places. I had never heard about this little gem until I read Kernow Surfgirl’s blog, which is amazing incidentally. St Nectan’s Glen is about an hour’s drive away from my home in Truro and we decided to head out there last weekend. For once the weather was kind to us and the sun decided to come out (the rain has been relentless over the past few months) which felt awesome. We parked at the little car park and walked the mile up to the waterfalls.  It was a stomp that I would highly recommend, just make sure you take your wellies.  St Nectan’s Glen really is breathtaking, it was incredibly tranquil and you felt a real sense of escapism from the world.


Above the waterfalls is a beautiful cafe that only opened last year. Big windows, a comfy sofa by a wood burner and g/f carrot cake. What an amazing way to end a Sunday.


Claire x

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