Last weekend I made the three-hour drive home to Wales. As much as I love living in Cornwall there’s nothing like going home; it’s nice to hear the accent, catch up with family and maybe if I am lucky, squeeze in a little shopping time in Cardiff. The capital of Wales is a brilliant place to spend some of your hard earned dosh. It is choc-o-block full of independent retailers as well as your typical high street brands. We headed in early on a Saturday morning in a vain attempt to beat some of the crowds, bagged ourselves a parking spot at St David’s and were in the Lego shop by just after 9am. Boom. It was lovely seeing the city just before Christmas and having a mooch.


Christmas shopping completed and my tummy is now hungry. There are stacks of places to eat but one I had not spotted before was a place called Barburrito. I looked at the menu outside and was very happy to see plenty of GF symbols. Bingo – we had found our lunch stop. I went for a naked Burrito bowl – brown rice topped with lettuce, chicken and chorizo, jalapenos, cheese and sour cream. The picture, I am afraid, really does not do it justice. It was just what I was after – tasty, filling (not stupidly so though) and a little spicy. I felt very virtuous too for opting for brown rather than white rice.


On googling Barburrito I can see they have been around since 2005 and at the moment, with the exception of London and Cardiff, most of the branches seem to be up north and in Scotland – good news for those in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester. With any luck, the chain may spread further South but it’s doubtful it will make it is as far as Truro 😉

Until I return I am going to have a go at concocting my own burrito bowls.

The day we travelled back to Cornwall we woke up to this, lovely way to end the weekend 🙂

Cwmbran - snow


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