I have almost explored very coffee establishment in Truro and believe me there are a lot! One I hadn’t stepped into until very recently was Lily’s. I met a friend in there that I had not seen in ten years and while sipping a lovely hot chocolate and enjoying my surroundings I wondered why I had never popped in before. On this particular occasion I didn’t eat but a little later on in the day hopped online to see if I could peruse their menu. I could and was so pleased to see they had gluten free options. The following Friday I had a few bits to do around the town and decided to treat myself to lunch for one. I had pesto and red pepper gluten free quiche teamed with crisps and salad. It was a nice change from my usual lunch and I would most certainly eat there again. They also did sandwiches using g/f bread, jacket potatoes and sweet treats. I had a green juice on the side as I desperately needed to get some goodness in me!






I know this is going to be one of my favourite spots now, it has such a lovely cosy vibe.

They also offer space upstairs where you can hotdesk as well as meeting space.

Pay Lily’s a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Claire xx

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