I used to love puff pastry. A sheet of buttery flaky goodness on top of steak pie with lashings of gravy and mashed potato. Puff pastry was, rather cruelly, taken from me in 2008 when my tummy decided to no longer play nicely. Over time gluten free ready to roll pastry slowly started to emerge on to the market and there are some fab brands out there including Genius and Silly Yak that now produce it. Initially, you could only get shortcrust pasty as, let’s face it, puff pastry is hard to recreate sans gluten. Eventually, gluten free pastry hit the shelves! I must confess I have not yet tried the puff pastry by Genius and Silly Yak (amazing name incidentally) but was drawn to the jus-rol puff pastry I spotted in the chiller aisle in Tesco a few weeks back.

Jus rol

I luckily have a fella who loves to experiment in the kitchen so we grabbed a pack and decided one cold Saturday night to make a steak and ale pie served with mash and veg. After a little google, we decided on a Hairy Bikers recipe. The boy got busy in the kitchen while I supervised with a glass of wine in hand – too many cooks and all that.

This is the finished product

Pie 2


This was a good pie with brilliant pastry. It was easy to work with, puffed up as much as gluten free pastry will be able and tasted lush. Enough said. I am now keen to make a pizza using the pastry – buttery loveliness topped with cheese, pepperoni, all kinds of cheese and jalapenos – perfect.

Claire x

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