Let’s be honest, one of the best things about living in Cornwall is being near the sea. Fact. The funny thing is, since moving here almost three months ago I have spent less time at the beach than I had envisaged. I suppose it’s one of those things – knowing you can go anytime you end up getting complacent and somewhat lazy. I am now making a concerted effort to head to the coast whenever I can, whatever the weather. The beach is just as beautiful in Autumn and Winter and it feels so nice to wrap up warm, pop my favourite beanie on and let the wind blow away any stress of the day. Without wanting to sound corny, Mother Nature is a beautiful thing.

On a whim, we headed west to Sennen a few weeks ago. I had had my eye on one of the snuggly hoodies from Sennen Surf Co. so it was a good excuse to hop in the car and get some beach time.

By the time we arrived it was pretty much lunchtime so we wandered over to Ben Tunnicliffe, a restaurant perched right on the beach giving awesome views.

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 2

We chanced it in the hope that they would have gluten free offerings. The did. GF items were clearly labelled on the menu making it easy for me to pick out what I fancied. Since moving I haven’t eaten masses of seafood so decided on the scallops. I teamed that with the most amazing chips I have ever tasted.

Sennen 5

They were so good and we topped it off with some g/f cake of which there were three choices. I loved the interior of the restaurant, it was cosy with a relaxed and fun vibe. You can’t help but relax here.

For some unknown reason, the above is the only food photo I managed to take – fail. However, I did take some other snaps of Sennen Cove to show how beautiful this little place is.



I have always had a soft spot for Sennen Cove, this is where one of my cousins grew up and I was always insanely jealous that he got to grow up within a stone’s throw of the beach. I also spent my 30th birthday at this same restaurant although this was a fair few years ago now, back when it was called The Beach.

I would definitely look these guys up if you are in the vicinity. Oh, and I got my hoodie too 🙂

Claire xx




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