I am officially in love. I have tasted the most insane doughnut since becoming gluten free almost ten years ago. This doughnut is courtesy of the Cornish company Pura Pressed. The company produce products that are made of 100% natural ingredients and are suitable for those wishing to avoid dairy, gluten and animal products. They have just set up a little cafe below where I work in Truro which means I am tempted to pop in on a very regular basis.  They also stock their goodies in a few retailers throughout Cornwall – all of which are listed on their website, as well as offering online delivery.  Just check out this doughnut:


This, my friends, is a jaffa orange doughnut. It feels like such an indulgent sweet treat, the fact that you know it is made with natural ingredients rather than packed with refined sugars and preservatives makes it an even nicer sweet treat. Knowing that it is lovingly handmade in Cornwall is an added bonus – I have met the guy behind Pura Pressed and it is clear that he is passionate about the ingredients he puts into his products whilst always ensuring they are ridiculously tasty!

I am not ashamed to say I am getting a little addicted to these beauties 🙂

Claire xx

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