I have now lived in Cornwall for one month and still have to pinch myself every day that this ocean obsessed individual is lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. It’s amazing to be just a mere stones throw from beautiful coastline, which I hope I never take for granted. London is fab for gluten free as there is simply so much available but I really haven’t done badly living in Truro. No sir. I really have no reason to grumble. In the last two weeks, I have tried two new products and have discovered no shortage of new places that have gluten free offerings.

I live a stones throw from Portreath Bakery in Truro and rumour had it they did gluten free pasties. I am pleased to say the rumour mill was correct. They offer steak, cheese or steak. They can be made to order or you can buy them frozen. I ordered one for lunch one rainy Wednesday afternoon.
I never thought I would have the opportunity to eat pasties again after being diagnosed but companies really are pulling it out of the bag as I have discovered two more companies producing g/f pasties – Rowes and Oggy Oggy. This was a really good pasty and despite being on the smaller side it certainly filled me up. I had the traditional steak, the flavour was fab and the pastry just right.
Just a week later I found myself in Falmouth and went into Rowes to see if they happened to have anything g/f I could grab for lunch. They also had pasties but then my eyes fell upon a gluten free sausage roll – the sausage roll won. Like the pastry at Portreath bakeries, Rowes have the recipe spot on and this really is the hardest part. This was one tasty lunchtime treat.
It is brilliant that companies are taking the time to perfect on the go g/f recipes, it’s nice to no longer feel excluded and have to resort to humous and g/f crackers – all non newly diagnosed coeliacs will no doubt understand!
Until next time, Claire xx

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