So, I am now living in Truro, Cornwall and loving every second. I moved down from London two weeks ago to be nearer to the sea and have loved finding gluten free treats. I love cheese in any form and I especially love cheese toasties. When I was first diagnosed coming on now for ten years ago g/f sandwiches were a rarity. When trying to grab lunch out somewhere you would inevitably end up with a limp, not very exciting salad or the infamous jacket potato. You would also end up paying more the majority of the time for said salad/potato when sometimes all you crave is a simple sandwich.

Flourish cafe does just that. They are conveniently located on Boscawen Street in the centre of town and you can choose to eat in or take away. I was enjoying a mooch around my new city last Friday and opted to grab a table on my own and watch the world go by. A toastie may not be exciting to many people but believe me it is to a coeliac – it’s all about the little things 😉

This was one awesome gluten free toastie packed with ham, cheese and tomato. The people working at Flourish cafe were really friendly and I know this is going to be regular pit stop for me.
Not a bad start to my new chapter living in Cornwall. I have also discovered gluten free pasties – I will save this for next time.
Claire xx


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