If you are anything like me sometimes you lack the inspiration to cobble together an exotic lunch or exciting dinner and like to turn to something easy, but at the same time you may not want to consume something that is not great for your insides. Last week I did an Ocado shop, something I don’t normally do (I love my Nectar points!) but they do have, hands down, THE best gluten free selection so I am definitely going to do an Ocado shop every few weeks to stock up on some g/f goodies. I am lucky in that I have a kitchen at my disposal at my place of work which gives me endless options. I often take in soup as easy to prepare, is isn’t going to break the bank and, let’s face it, its easy. This was a new discovery for me and I love the fact that it has g/f pasta in it!

Tideford Organics produce hearty, low fat tasty soups and sauces that are gluten free. They have a wide range but I plumped for the minestrone as it was was a soup I had missed. It was packed full of flavour and was filling and wholesome – perfect for the chilly days we have been having lately. Next time I do a shop with Ocado I will be trying some more of their range.

I cook from scratch 80% of the time but sometimes I want to pull something out of the fridge or freezer and keep things simple. Step in Rule of Crumb. Their chicken goujons are not coated in lots of E numbers and I like that they have kept things simple.

Please excuse my rather orange meal! I teamed it with sweet potato and carrot mash and baked beans. It was a nice comfort dinner but still on the healthier side which pleases me 🙂


These goujons were fab, tender pieces of chicken with a simple g/f coating.
Two hits from Ocado but it would be nice if both products were more readily accessible.
Claire 🙂

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