I discovered a gluten free cereal purely by accident last weekend. I was making Jamie Oliver’s chicken nuggets (google the recipe – they are good!) and needed cornflakes for the coating. Expecting to pay a daft amount for a small box of gluten free cornflakes imagine my surprise when I found that Nestle now do a 500g box of g/f cornflakes for £2.20 at Sainsbury’s – yay!

I am aware that production costs in the gluten free world can be higher, which in turn pushes up the price of the product but it still gets frustrating nonetheless. Hence, this box pleased me. It’s the little things.

They were perfect for the nugget coating and as I was running late one morning last week they were perfect for breakfast.

Now if Nestle could produce anything that resembles Shreddies in gluten free format this would please me greatly 🙂

Claire x

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