Over the years I have discovered gluten free products that have become a firm favourite and as such have become a staple product that I buy each week. Kallo rice thins are one of them. I have a reasonably sweet tooth and take an afternoon snack to work with me everyday. I would love to chow down on a large slab of cake each day but this would not be good for my waistline hence alternatives need to be put in place! Plain rice cakes are pretty horrendous let’s be honest, unless they are dunked in a shed load of houmous or slathered in cream cheese. This is where Kallo chocolate covered rice thins come in.  At just 55 calories each they are the perfect snack to hit the sweet spot whilst not adding massively to your muffin top! Yep, they still have sugar in them and yep a banana would be better but c’mon sometimes you just need chocolate. I have always opted for the Belgian Chocolate thins (mainly as these are the only thins they currently stock in Sainsbury’s) but when I was in Asda before Christmas I spotted some I had not tried before.

I really thought I would like these more than the Belgian Chocolate ones and although they were good they aren’t quite so yummy as the plain chocolate thins – all a matter of taste though!

If you are looking for a sweet treat but are also trying to get 2016 off to a good start in terms of diet then definitely check out Kallo.

Claire xx

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