So at the end of 2015 I stumbled upon two products in my local Tesco that I had not yet sampled. As the month of December is known as ‘calories don’t exist’ month I popped both products in my basket. First up – onion rings. I must admit I did think rather an unusual product for a company to produce gluten free but man alive these are good. Was I a fan of onion rings pre diagnosis? Not the biggest fan I guess but anything that is fried tends to taste good hence I was never one to turn down an onion ring. One thing I do remember is how they tasted and the texture.

These onion rings are insanely good and I challenge anybody to notice they are gluten free – often the way these days with g/f products. As they are a freezer product it is oh so easy to pop a couple from the freezer into the oven as a side to practically (I have found!) any meal! Once I have lost my Christmas pounds I shall be stocking up on these again.

Next up is these dinky little delightful morsels by Feel Free.

I must admit I did try and track these down a few months ago to no avail despite living near a Tesco the size of Texas. These are a fun thing to have in the freezer, they only take 30 minutes to defrost or seconds in the microwave. Although they taste jolly good on their own you could take them to the next level by dipping them into melted chocolate. Oh man.

Oops one thing I failed to mention is that the onion rings are part of Tesco’s own gluten free range.


Hope your 2016 is being kind to you thus far.

Claire x

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