A couple of weeks ago I was a very lucky individual and spent a week on the beautiful island of Bermuda. I did a little bit of googling before flying out and it appeared to be gluten free friendly so I was looking forward to seeing what I would discover. I had no problems whatsoever in sourcing gluten free food and hope to return one day! I wanted to share some highlights with you although, I am afraid, I did not always manage to take photos.

If you like sweet treats then you must head to The Dockyard Pastry Shop, I had heard that they do gluten free treats hence sought them out forthwith! It is a lovely little cafe with a little courtyard where you can sit outside. There were a few gluten free options, I went for baked cheesecake as this is my all time favourite desert. It. Was. Amazing!! No photo I am afraid (bad blogger!) but I can assure you it was fantastic.

Prior to hitting up the Pastry Shop we had lunch at The Frog and Onion literally steps away. The Frog and Onion is a pub (as Bermuda is a British colony there is an air of Britishness about it i.e they have afternoon tea, litter (not trash) bins and red post boxes) with a wide menu. Although there was no gluten free labelling our server was not at all perplexed when I uttered the words ‘gluten free’ and instantly assured me that the meal I had ordered was, in fact, friendly for my belly.

A strange gluten free visit was at Mickey’s Beach Bistro in Somerset Parish. we managed to bag a table on the last night of the season. The bistro is right on the beach and just beautiful – I can’t imagine a nicer place to eat in terms of the view. Now, they had gluten free symbols on the menu; great I thought! I went for the lamb chop dish. What I did not realise is that the sides change on a daily basis and there is only one side to choose from (or not choose from!). The evening we visited it was rice balls which were not gluten free. I ended up with lamb chops and green beans, now I must say the lamb was beautiful but the menu was a little misleading. Looking on the bright side it was late evening so maybe a carb light meal was the best choice after a week of indulgence!

A surprise highlight was a visit to Portofino in Hamilton. My eyes were instantly drawn to the words ‘gluten free pizza’! YES! It was a brilliant pizza – thin crust, lots of cheese and massively flavoursome!

Ok, perhaps not the best photo but I was dying to tuck into this bad boy!

Another highlight was a lunch visit to Angelo’s Bistro, also in Hamilton. They had a separate gluten free menu and I immediately knew what I wanted – Bermudian fish cakes.

This was a perfect light lunch and if you are in Bermuda it is a shame not to sample the local fish. I must add that I also had a pudding (chocolate soufflé) which was the perfect ending to the meal.
In terms of self catering you are easily able to source gluten free goodies. I fell in love with a bread from Rudi’s. They are an American company which was actually founded the year I was born. ( a random fact for you there!) The bread was not remotely dry and was perfect toasted and topped with butter and orange marmalade. I had these most mornings whilst sitting on the balcony overlooking the Atlantic. Rudi’s is not currently available in the UK but if you live or visit the States (or Bermuda!) then grab a loaf.
For sweet treats cast your eyes over these which were available at a local supermarket. 🙂

As you can tell I did not go hungry during my week in Bermuda. I must add too that all the staff at the places we dined were very gluten free aware. If you fancy a burger not a problem as they don’t tend to use breadcrumbs as a filler like we often do here in the UK. Obviously, it needs to be sans bun of course. On our last day we had lunch at Coconuts which is based at the hotel we were staying at (The Reefs) where I had the most amazing gluten free mousse I think I have ever eaten! What a fab last treat before we flew back to the UK later that day.

Again, apologies for the lack of pictures but rest assured you will be very well looked after if you visit this stunning island.

Claire xx

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