Last week I was lucky enough to spend the week in Mykonos – beautiful weather, a suitcase full of books and a week of relaxation – it really was bliss.

Being a coeliac I had done my research before boarding the plane and knew in advance that the Greeks are perhaps not the most knowledgable about the whole gluten free thing, but what I also knew is that there would be an abundance of lovely fresh salads and fish that would be at my disposal.

I packed a few g/f products things in my suitcase – vacuum packed bread from Kelkin, double choc cookies from Tesco and some Perk!er treats just to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I did find one restaurant in Mykonos that did advertise gluten free and that was Nice n Easyon the waterfront (great for sunset views!).

Just a snippet of the menu – over excited coeliac in the house! I had the duck with THE most amazing feta cheese sauce and chips – it was the best first meal of the holiday I could have had.
This was the only restaurant I stumbled upon that openly advertised gluten free options I am afraid but it really is easy to find gluten free options with gorgeous salads as well as meat and fish dishes on the menus. I also took along a Greek dietary card with me to hand to the waiters.
For those with a sweet tooth there was a gelato place called Scream in the town. Perfect for a chocolate treat as you walk back to your hotel.
We hired a car one day and stopped at a little mini market where there was a very small section of gluten free products (Nairns crackers being one of the offerings) but I also found these!
They had a couple of choices and were perfect in the car for a snack as we explored the island.
So perhaps not the easiest of places to visit with a gluten free tummy but certainly not the most difficult!
Claire x

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