I can be lazy when it comes to cooking and even though a Sunday roast is easy to knock up I often can’t be bothered with the faffing and washing up afterwards. A Sunday roast is generally made up of gluten free fare and as long as the gravy is made with cornflour you are good to go. That said a lot of pubs serving roasts use regular flour to thicken their gravy hence no good for gluten free peeps. I have been known to have a roast sans gravy but it really isn’t the same. I recently discovered The Tree in Box Hill online and noticed they advertised themselves as being coeliac friendly so decided my first visit would be on a Sunday so I can sample the British tradition that is a Sunday roast. My other half was happy as it was a sunny day and he got to take his new toy aka his Harley Davidson. Even though I hate helmet hair and going on the bike dictates my choice of outfit I relented as I was excited about the prospect of a full belly at the end of the ride. The Tree pub is situated in a very pretty location in Box Hill, Surrey so if you fancy a walk to burn off the calories afterwards you are in the right place. I phoned beforehand to see if necessary to book a table and I was advised that it would be a good idea. I am glad I did as the pub was full by the time we left around 2pm. Even though I had already had in mind that I was going to plump for the roast there were also other g/f options on offer which is handy if you are not a roast sort of person.


Yum! I might have gone a little overboard on the roast potatoes but to me, they really are the best bit! Gluten free customers are given their own little jug of gravy and you obviously have to give the stuffing and Yorkshire puds a miss, unfortunately (not sure if this is something that could be looked at in the future?). It was a lovely roast, the meat (you had a choice of beef, pork and turkey or you could have a little of each which is what I opted for) was not overcooked, the potatoes crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and the veg tasted fresh and again not overcooked. As I gorged myself on roast potatoes there was not much room for dessert but I was intrigued to see what I could have had for future reference. There were a few choices  – Winter mess (like Eton mess but with berries), rice pudding, fruit and ice cream. I have to admit nothing grabbed me (you know me and Eton mess) but hey, you may well be a fan of meringue and cream! It would be brilliant if there was some sort of chocolate option (brownie, chocolate pot, mousse…). The boyf went for sticky toffee pudding so he was a happy camper and his feedback was that it was good! I will definitely be returning to The Tree and look forward to trying their burger next time!

Claire xx

P.S if you are making your own roast at home and fancy cheating try Dietary Specials for the Yorkshire puds and Mrs Crimbles for the stuffing. I have had both and would definitely recommend!

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