Whilst at the Allergy Show at the beginning of the month I got chatting to the lovely Freya at BFree and noticed they had a new product that has just recently been launched – the Fajita Kit! Freya very kindly gave me a sample to try.

The kit comprises of six multi-grain wraps, two sachets of salsa (great if you don’t like too much as you can save a packet for next time, hence no waste) and seasoning. You simply fry up some chicken, onion and peppers with the seasoning and within minutes you have a tasty meal!
I am a huge fan of the BFree wraps and have been since they launched; they are tasty, freeze well, are very low in calories and don’t have any nasty ingredients – big tick in my book! The seasoning was really lovely, tiny bit of a kick but certainly not too hot if you have little ones or are simply not a fan of spicy foods. Thoroughly enjoyable meal (made even better that the sun was shining and we ate al fresco!) and loved the fact that it was so quick, tasty, healthy and easy. The BFree fajita kit is available in Tesco and is priced at £5.50. Although I think it is a fab product I am not sure I would purchase the kit again purely as I often have fajita seasoning kicking around as well as all the extras but the BFree wraps will be the first I will turn to next time I have fajitas! The Fajita kit is also egg, dairy, soy and nut free. Thanks again BFree!

Claire xx

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