I was lucky enough to meet the founders, Ann and Steve, of  Perk!er last weekend at the Allergy and Free From show and quite lovely they were too! Perk!er was established in 2012 and is a small British company, their range includes breakfasts, treats and bread. I was also the lucky winner of one of their goody bags and as a Perk!er virgin I could not wait to sample some of my wares and tell you all about it.

I am a porridge fiend and eat it several times a week. It’s hearty, full of goodness and tastes delicious – what’s not to love?! I do know that there are a number of coeliacs that unfortunately cannot tolerate oats but thus far I seem to be fine. As a side note Perk!er also do an oat free porridge! Over the past few years, I have sampled a fair few brands and my go to brand has always been Sainsbury’s own Freefrom brand of oats. I was disappointed by Nairn’s oats as they simply failed to thicken up despite being on the hob for far more than the specified time. However, Perk!er’s pretty little pink box of oats may well affect my loyalty to Sainsbury’s! When you open the packet the smell hits you, a beautiful fragrant fruity smell – I knew I was off to a good start! You can make the porridge in the microwave or on the hob; I am an old fashioned gal and plumped for the hob. The smell filled the kitchen!

I opted for almond milk rather than cow’s milk and also added chia seeds, flax-seeds and some cinnamon.

Ta da! I finished it off with some blueberries and a sprinkling of Biona coconut sugar. It was REALLY GOOD!! It tasted like proper porridge should and the dried fruit added a tasty twist. For a 450g box, it will cost you around £3.00, 50p more than Sainsbury’s free from oats, but I reckon worth the 50p and plus the box is pink – I am such a girl!


If I hadn’t refrained myself these Rocky Road treats would have lasted all of thirty seconds! The day after the Allergy Show I travelled to my home town in South Wales and decided these would be a good road trip option. I had a friend with me in the car so unfortunately I had to share them and didn’t want to look like a complete pig by troughing them all! I made sure I had the last one though!

You need to get your mitts on these little beauties!

To learn more about Perk!er, their full range of products and stockists check out their website. Also, why don’t you show them some love on Twitter and Facebook.

Claire xx

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