I love houmous and am particularly partial to a spicy houmous. If you have a tub of the chickpea delight you need something to dunk in it, right? I try and eat clean 90% of the time but do get fed up with carrot sticks and celery. A lot of the gluten free crackers are filled with nasties so I try and avoid when I can but then I stumbled upon these guys from Raw Health on Goodness Direct (a website worth checking out by the way). All natural and only six ingredients (mainly flax seeds). They do have a high fat content but it’s good fats that your body needs and plus they are quite filling so you don’t need to eat much!


Ok, ok so they don’t look as nice as some other crackers but once dipped in some houmous they are good I promise, plus they are much nicer on your waistline 😉

Claire x

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