Who doesn’t love M&S? The food aisle always looks far more tempting than the other big supermarkets and if you are anything like me far more goes into the basket than one intended! M&S have a small gluten free selection, which does seem to be growing and I have sampled many of the products they currently have on the shelves – their cakes are brilliant and a long car journey would not be complete without a tub of their Caramel Crispie Mini Bites – I challenge you to stop at just two! What a lot of gluten free tummies may not know is that a lot of their ‘regular’ food is gluten free and I really think that M&S should promote this more. The majority, if not all, of their sausages, are gluten free as well as a lot of their other meat products such as burgers – they are my go to store when BBQ season comes along and they nearly always have offers on such as three for two. They also stock gluten free chicken steaks, breaded fish and fishcakes. I popped in the other day to pick up some sausages for a casserole (going off on a slight tangent here but you HAVE to try this recipe!) and I had a quick look at their GF section and decided to give these a whirl:

80p – bargain! Or so I thought….


I decided to have a hummus, ham and salad roll and thought the hummus would be good as sometimes g/f bread products can be dry. This was no exception, it was fine but that was about it. Am I going to eat the other one? Of course, but shall I be re-purchasing? Probably not. I am still a fan of Sainsbury’s own range of bread rolls and I have not found one that compares… yet!


These little beauties are perfect though and I plan to pop a couple on the BBQ tonight 🙂

Claire xx

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