Christmas seems to arrive earlier every year and this year is no exception. As I was perusing the gluten free wares in my local Tesco I spotted these bad boys:

Now, I must confess pre-diagnosis I was never a massive mince pie fan but thought I would give these a whirl. Udi’s, I believe, is a new brand to the UK. I saw them at the Allergy Show at Olympia a few months back and if I remember rightly they launched a range of gluten free bits at Tesco in September. They are a well known gluten free brand in the US of A and I sampled a few of their goodies when we were on holiday there in the Summer. The products available in Tesco today included granola, toastie pastries, breakfast bars and crisps – I will slowly work my way through the range and revert! Anyhoo, I digress, on to the mince pies. I decided my boyfriend (who does eat gluten) could be a guinea pig too.

I decided to warm mine slightly, couldn’t be bothered to warm the oven up so popped it in the microwave for a few seconds.


They were pretty good! Pastry was very short and possibly a little dry but I like a shortcrust pastry so I was happy. My boyfriend was pretty impressed too and I am sure he will happily demolish the remainder of the pack. I think they might be even nicer warmed though properly with a good serving of custard! It is nice to know that even at Christmas us coeliacs can have a look in with all the festive treats on offer.

Check out Udi’s gluten free products!


Claire x

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