Last night we took a trip to see Once the Musical at the Pheonix Theatre in London (go see if you can!) and decided to try out the restaurant Wahaca beforehand, as I had heard good things about it being gluten free friendly.

You cannot book a table at Wahaca but as we arrived pre-theatre it was pretty quiet although it was starting to fill up as we left around 6.30pm. Wahaca is a Mexican restaurant serving a variety of dishes and all of them looked good! I noticed as I looked at the menu that you can ask for a gluten free menu which of course I did and there was plenty I could eat; I was actually spoilt for choice and found it hard to make up my mind. In the end, I went for Steak Corn Tacos, Chicken Taquito and Chicken Caesar Tostada. I failed on the photo front I am afraid but managed to get this cheeky little shot of the Taquito:


We ate at Wahaca in Charlotte Street but there are a few dotted around central London. I hope to return and also hope they branch out a little further!

To find out a little more about them click here – happy munching!

Claire x

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